Done and Done: Granny's Clothespin Apron

Let's get critical about a finished project.

 Image via Storey Publishing.

I completed Granny's Clothespin Apron last week. (It appears in the upper-right corner of the book's cover image.) Like I said in this post, I needed a catchall for clothespins because Das Baby's cloth-diaper covers need to be line-dried.

The good
Room for improvement

The apron front (right side up) and back (wrong side up).
Removing width from the ties.
The newly narrowed ties.

The shortness of the the waistband is visible at right, where there's a little gap between the apron body and the tie. The waistband should be flush with the right edge of the apron. To reinforce this little gap, I stitched (and backstitched) along the top edge of the gap on the apron body.

The extra fullness of the ties where they join the waistband strikes me as appropriate for a retro-inspired garment.

Now it's time for the first installment of "Who Wore It Best?" at Sie macht!

Erin, at 39 weeks, 1 day, above the bump. (Memorial Day in Milwaukee was gorgeous.)

Erin, below the bump.

MVH, no bump.

Who wore it best?
Erin, above the bump.
Erin, below the bump.
MVH, no bump. free polls

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