What They Made: Ross Wellington

Introducing Ross Wellington.

My husband, Mark (aka MVH), and his longtime friend, Brian Ellis, have been working on a graphic novel called "Ross Wellington" since 2004. Ross Wellington is the lone alien survivor of the Roswell crash, and he makes a living as a private detective.

The story is sci-fi meets noir, and it never takes itself seriously (if you knew Mark and Brian, you probably wouldn't take them seriously either — ha ha, just kidding, guys!). If you like "The Adventures of Brisco County Junior," ridiculous episodes of "The X-Files," and "Big Trouble in Little China," then you probably will like Ross.

I'm letting you know about this excellent comic for a few reasons:

Here's a plea from me to you: if you know someone who likes comics, direct them to Ross. We need your support, and you won't be disappointed! If you know someone who could help get Ross published literary agent, Stan Lee, etc. please let me know.

It's not a sewing or a cooking project or decorations for a baby's room, but Ross has been a fixture at VHHQ for years, and Mark's creative impulse has been extremely inspirational to me.

Learn more about Ross Wellington at rosswellington.com, and "Like" him on Facebook at facebook.com/rosswellington1947. The four comic books can be found at issuu.com/rosswellington.

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