How to post a comment to Sie macht

It's come to my attention that posting a comment to this blog is slightly confusing, and I have to agree.

Blogger has obscured commenting for readers, and it's a real shame because dialogue between bloggers and their readers is an enriching experience for both parties. There are lots of conversations I want to have, and I'm kinda miffed that the comment setup is the way it is. But I'm gonna walk you through it.

When you go to Sie macht's homepage, the latest five posts appear in full. At the end of each post, there's a box with icons on which you can click to share the post — Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. The box is through a third-party outfit called ShareThis. Anyhoo, there are many ways you can share a Sie macht post, and I encourage you to do so!

Also in the box is the line "[number of] comments." Check this out:

The "0 comments" in the pink circle is where to click to comment on a post. Click on the image for greater detail.

This is VERY important: click on this link to comment on the post! The link will navigate you from the homepage to the unique post page.

When you go to the unique post page via the comments link, you'll be below the post and hopefully ready to share your thoughts in the comment box. Observe below:

After you click on "[number of] comments" on the homepage, this is what you'll see a comment box at the bottom of the post's unique page. Click on the image for greater detail.

I read EVERY comment, and I try my hardest to respond to every opinion, because they matter to me. Sie macht readers matter to me!

I've toyed with using a third-party commenting system (such as Disqus), but I haven't done enough research to make an educated decision. What's your experience been with such systems?

Does this make sense? You always can email me (, tweet at me (@erinvanhandel), or visit Sie macht on Facebook ( with comments!

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